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Kostenloser Versand verfügbar. Kauf auf eBay. eBay-Garantie Easy-to-Use Rental Application Form. Edit and Print Your Legally Binding Document Today. Developed by Lawyers, Customized by You. Create Free Legal Forms in Minutes ˈapplicant (ˈӕpli-) noun a person who applies (for a job etc). There were two hundred applicants for the job

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  1. F 2008-04-30: to provide applicants or resumes =... A 2008-04-24: We can provide the applicants with... A 2008-03-02: Writing a detailed job description... A 2008-03-02: Writing a detailed description/se A 2007-06-18: The race has narrowed to two applicants. A 2007-03-11: she beat 50 competitors (applicants) A 2006-12-13: referring to the company (ads to a... » Im Forum nach applicants.
  2. (I am talking about many applicants, not just one) Jul 02 2017 10:38:22. Antonis M. + 0. Antonis M.I am talking about many applicants, not just one) applicant s' Jul 02 2017 11:09:48. Mister Micawber + 0. That's the applicants' fault. Jul 02 2017 15:57:10. AlpheccaStars; Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation? Comments . MISSING APLICANT'S SIGNATURE. Jun 28.
  3. Applicant definition is - one who applies. How to use applicant in a sentence
  4. Applicant: Description: Primary: The primary applicant is the main individual associated with the application and any included products. The primary applicant may have additional applicants, such as a joint applicant or guarantor to strengthen the application and increase the chance of approval

Applicant definition: An applicant for something such as a job or a place at a college is someone who makes a... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example Test applicants for alcohol and the other testable drugs, but not pot? Or stop testing for drugs and alcohol altogether, unless you have reasonable suspicion or safety-sensitive employees? Talk it over with your HR professional or labor law attorney, update and follow your written policies, and make an informed decision that will benefit your business, your employees and your customers. Steve. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'applicants' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten Aussprache und relevante Diskussionen Kostenloser Vokabeltraine

White applicants are offered places to study for a PhD at a higher rate than black, Asian and ethnic minority candidates, data obtained by BBC Newsnight has found. The programme sent freedom of. The Lewis and Clark County Board of Commissioners is seeking applicants for its recently approved 12-member zoning advisory panel. The county commission approved hotly contested zoning regulations. College applicants are down, especially among low-income students, Common App says There is also a steep decline among first-generation students, data shows APPLICANTS ist Ihr All-in-One-Tool für Active Sourcing, Recruiting und Bewerbermanagement. Nutzen Sie die Multi-Channel-Suche mit semantischem Matching-Algorithmus und gewinnen Sie junge Bewerber mit der One-Click-Bewerbung aus der kostenlosen App. Recruiting neu denken - mit APPLICANTS

applicant noun [C] (REQUEST) a person who formally requests something, such as a job or admission to a college or university (Definition von applicant aus dem Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) applicant | Business Englisc Other kinds of applicants are job candidates and scholarship hopefuls. To apply is to put in for or request entry to something, and the root of both apply and applicant is the Old French aploiier, apply, use, or attach, from the Latin applicare, attach to, join, or connect. Start learning this wor

a person who applies for or requests something; a candidate: an applicant for a position applicant continued access to the submission even if one the managers leaves the company or is absent for prolonged periods ; 7. Click Create and Next . A new screen appears with a reference number (e.g. EMA/XX/0000001234) for your draft submission displayed on the upper right -hand side of the Portal - New Submission screen (N.B. It is a good idea to take note of the reference applicant noun [C] (REQUEST) a person who formally requests something, such as a job or admission to a college or university (Definition of applicant from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) applicant | Business Englis Applicants should propose a research project within the thematic range of the Imre Kertész Kolleg (focus on the twentieth century and on Central, Eastern or Southeastern Europe, or on Russia and Ukraine in a larger European context). 3. Applications must include a Curriculum Vitae, a list of publications, a project proposal (not exceeding 5 pages); see below for further details, a statement. I am applicant for/to your university - user47202 Jan 4 '17 at 21:02 It'd be much more likely that a native speaker would say I'm applying to your university. - Catija ♦ Jan 4 '17 at 21:0

applicants for asylum Asylbewerber {pl}admin.lawpol. list of applicants Bewerberliste {f} requirements for applicants Anforderungen {pl} für Antragsteller selection of (job) applicants Bewerberauswahl {f} There was an endless coming and going of applicants. Die Bewerber gaben sich die Klinke in die Hand. preliminary selection of (job) applicants What To Expect. Applications for 2020 Census jobs have closed. If you have already submitted your application, you may still be considered for a limited number of positions for Post-Enumeration Survey operations over the next year.. Your application remains in the applicant pool for the entire 2020 Census cycle Information for Applicants to the Advanced Grant 2020 Call European Research Council (ERC) Frontier Research Grant Version 1.0 24 April 2020 Warning: The budget table and description of resources are part of the online submission form (Section 3 - Budget). Do NOT include them in Part B2. PIs must declare time commitment in the online submission form. The UK became a third country on 1 February. Applicants, Siegen. Gefällt 317 Mal · 3 waren hier. APPLICANTS ist eine cloudbasierte Software-Lösung für E-Recruiting und Bewerbermanagement. Mit APPLICANTS vernetzen sich Bewerber, Unternehmen und.. Guide for Applicants Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowships (IF) Version 1.4 08/04/2020 Disclaimer This guide aims to assist potential applicants. It is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to replace consultation of any applicable legal sources. Neither the European Commission nor the Research Executive Agency (or any person acting on their behalf) can be.

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The applicant and the candidate are different in this case as there has been no personal relationship with the 100'ds of applicants who apply to my position. Every applicant gets a notification and every candidate gets a personal call to either come in for an interview, receive an offer or to be gently and professionally declined. Leilani says. April 14, 2011 at 2:05 pm. I thought that I. applicant n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (person who applies for [sth]) demandeur, demandeuse nm, nf : requérant, requérante nm, nf : The applicant's insurance claim was denied. La demande de dédommagement du demandeur a été rejetée. applicant n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (law: petitioner) (Droit) requérant, requérante nm, nf (Droit. ˈapplicant (ˈӕpli-) noun a person who applies (for a job etc). There were two hundred applicants for the job

• Applicants for teacher-training courses need to have at least one year's experience. • Many job applicants do not know how to write an appealing cover letter. • The applicant must pay the Attorney-General's costs before their Lordships' Board. • The applicant sought a declaration and/or prerogative orders to identify the lawful decisions and correct any unlawful decisions. • The. Nationality if the applicant is in possession of a recommendation which has been issued by a recommending organisation representing the Hungarian national community in the neighbouring country concerned, and being recognised by the Government of the Republic of Hungary as a recommending organisation, and which: a. certifies, on the basis of a declaration made by the applicant (or in the case. 9 synonyms of applicant from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 15 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for applicant Looking for online definition of applicant or what applicant stands for? applicant is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionar If the applicant can not have an interview because the competent authority is not able to provide an interpreter in accordance with point (b) of Article 11(2) within a reasonable time, Member States shall provide, free of charge, assistance by a legal adviser or other counsellor and/or, in the case of an unaccompanied minor, a representative, and shall provide them with an opportunity, before.

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Applicants must furnish true, accurate, and complete information and documentation. When an agency discovers that an applicant provided false or misleading information on a State application, or its equivalent, the following shall occur: (1) When an agency discovers, prior to employment, that an applicant provided false or misleading information in order to meet position qualifications, the. Перевод контекст applicant c английский на русский от Reverso Context: if the applicant, applicant countries, the applicant shall, each applicant, whether the applicant Download Joint Applicants or Co-Owners of IP Form. Sometimes you may wish to apply for (or to own) an intellectual property right (e.g. patent, registered trade mark or registered design) together with one or more people. This is perfectly possible but can cause complications if certain matters are not made clear at the outset. The purpose of this page is to outline some of the issues that can. Applicants will need to to Vula (www.vula.uct.ac.za) using the authorized Vula ID and password. Additional information for external applicants who do not have a UCT network account. Applicants who do not have a UCT network account (e.g. someone@gmail.com) are required to submit a written request for Vula access to info_mcfsp@uct.ac.za.

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Applicant Guide United Nations Office of Human Resources, Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance 17 January 2019 . 1 | P a g e Chapter 1: Job openings in the UN 1. In the employment of its staff, the United Nations strives to meet the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity to deliver on its promise in achieving the goals of peace, inclusive sustainable. Definition of APPLICANT (noun): someone applying for a job, loan etc; person in court case who applies for somethin EU applicants must meet the same minimum entry requirements as Irish school-leavers. As the number of applicants generally exceeds the number of places available, admission is competitive based on a points system. For information about how the entry requirements equate to the school-leaving qualifications from your country, please see the Agreed entry requirements criteria for EU/EFTA. applicant (for something) a person who makes a formal request for something (= applies for it), especially for a job, a place at a college or university, etc. There were over 500 applicants for the job. Successful applicants will receive notification within the week

Applicants must conduct themselves in a professional manner in all aspects of the recruitment process, including but not limited to applications, interviews, and any participation in online forums or shared information documents. Applicants and programs may freely discuss any matter and may express a high level of interest in each other. Communication guidelines are as follows: A program may. Thus, the court shares applicants' concern that any unnecessary retention of their sensitive PII data may increase the risk of unintentional disclosure. This is a good step forward in protecting applicants' data, and we are glad to see it. However, it is not enough Graduate Applicants should begin your online application on the website of the school to which you are applying. During the application process, you will be prompted to create a BU Web Account. If you have questions about your application or your BU Web Account, please contact the admissions office of the corresponding graduate school. Special Programs. Participants in some BU-sponsored. Applicant Information Kit V. 5 (26 Dec 2019) P age 2 1. SELECTION PREFERENCES In certain competitive recruitment actions, employment preferences as required by law and Department of Defense (DoD) policy shall be accorded to fully qualified applicants in the following order of selection priority: Preference Category Applies to Required Documents

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For the purposes of this guidance, formal meeting includes any meeting that is requested by a sponsor or applicant (hereafter referred to as requester (s)) following the procedures provided in. Anxious applicants can make a poor impression if they fall prey to these four common faults. By Gabriel Kuris , Contributor Nov. 2, 2020 By Gabriel Kuris , Contributor Nov. 2, 2020, at 9:56 a.m Information for Applicants; Information for Applicants. Evaluation Method. You will be evaluated to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications required; and on the extent to which your application shows that you possess the knowledges, skills, and abilities associated with this position. To determine if you are qualified for the job, a review of your resume and supporting documentation.

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  1. This applicant rejection letter sample or rejection email template can save you a lot of time when sending responses to job applicants who did not qualify for your open positions. Writing and sending a clear and positive rejection letter is crucial for ensuring a great employer branding and improving your candidate experience
  2. All applicants will hear from us by November 20 with a decision whether they are on the wait-list or not. Thank you for your patience. Our program is built on a shared commitment to outstanding patient care and the desire to nurture the careers of an exceptional group of young physicians. Our primary goal is to identify a group of interns who will be valued team members and additions to the.
  3. Applicant or Employee Accommodations. The University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to ensure equal employment opportunities and access to University academic programs, services, and facilities in accordance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) as amended, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and other applicable federal and.
  4. Applicants can provide consent for NMS to release certain personal information to programs to help them identify applicants that would be a good fit to fill their available positions. Match Statistics. Please see Match Statistics for summary results of ORMatch. Optometry Resident Directory. Applicants who obtain a position in the Match or Post-Match Process will have their information added to.
  5. 1 This is the ranking of the main consolidated applicants at the EPO in 2019 (first-named applicant principle). It is based on European patent applications filed with the EPO, which include direct European applications and international (PCT) applications that entered the European phase during the reporting period. Applications by identifiable subsidiaries, not necessarily located in the same.
  6. After dozens of Canadians complained to CBC News about problems getting the new Canada Recovery benefit, the Canada Revenue Agency is now recommending that some applicants reapply for the benefit.

Applicants' scores will be included in their application to the scholarship selection board. The maximum score, by event and gender, are listed in the table below. An applicant who achieves the maximum level on either of the first two events should not attempt further repetitions, as this will not improve his/her score. Crunches Push-Ups 1-Mile Male 95 75 5:20 Female 95 50 6:00 . Test Site. Applicants who write well, if writing skills are required. Reread those cover letters. Make an interview scale, a list or chart with the job requirements and a numbering scale or space for notes. Use it for every applicant. Save time; conduct phone interviews. A ten-minute conversation may help you screen out an applicant who isn't really qualified, is vague about their actual experience, or. Co-Applicant: An additional person seeking to obtain a loan with a primary applicant. One reason a potential borrower might want a co-applicant is to increase his odds of qualifying for a loan or. Applicants will pitch their ideas in front of the Jury of Experts, an experienced and independent jury composed of a number of experts with a strong overview of the market (e.g. senior managers of successful EO companies, opinion leaders, investors, etc.) PCT Applicant's Guide - International Phase Page 1 1 July 2020 CHAPTER 1 THIS GUIDE AND ITS ANNEXES INTRODUCTION 1.001. This part of the PCT Applicant's Guide (the Guide) consists of general information on the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) intended for those interested in filing international patent applications

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  1. The Global Applicant Tracking System is a cloud-based applicant tracking system. The Atlas Copco group uses this application globally to conduct its recruitment activities and to provide job opportunities in the country you are about to apply to as well as other countries and regions. This notice will provide comprehensive information about how we will use your personal information within this.
  2. Soroptimist Seeking Applicants for Educational Grant - La Grange, IL - Soroptimist International of Suburban Chicago announces grant for women pursuing a BA, MA, or Ph
  3. lead applicant for MRC funding due to a reciprocal arrangement between councils. They should also apply for 80 per cent of full economic costs. Please note that decisions of any MRC board or panel will not be open to appeal and applicants should refer to the resubmissions section (1.5.2)

Experienced applicants are considered those who have more than three years of work experience. We're looking for qualified top performers who are attracted by the idea of working on challenging assignments and meaningful projects with potential for impact on a global scale. We challenge ambitious talent with opportunities to do the best work of their lives — either individually or as a. Decision informed to applicants. Earliest start date* 1 February. Feb - March : End of March. 1 May. 1 May. May - June. End of June. 1 Aug. 1 August. Aug - Sep. End of Sep. 1 Nov. 1 November. Nov - Dec. Beginning of Jan. 1 Feb. NB: Application deadlines are at noon (11:59 AM CET/CEST). *The start date depends on various factors, e.g. final enrollment requirements/details, getting a study- and. Applicants, whether an organization, group or individual, must provide details of their aims, primary functions or activities and achievements. These details should include information about special knowledge, experience or interest in the project.In the case of an organization, the application should include names of all members of any management committee or group responsible for its day to. applicant would be dealt with in a follow-up advice request. 5. Implementation and participation • stImplementation of the pilot project is starting on February 1 , 2020. • As the pilot is the basis for the development of the best practice approach and the establishment of this concept as a new advice format, a widespread demand would supportthe approach. • A first evaluation of the SNSA. ÜBER UNS APPLICANTS ging im Juli 2018 online und ist damit weltweit das erste cloud-basierte Recruiting-Portal für Bewerber, Unternehmer und Dienstleister. Wenn Du mehr über uns erfahren möchtest und was APPLICANTS alles kann, dann schau einfach auf unseren Informationsseiten vorbei oder lies am beste

(Red Oak) - Interviews are set with applicants seeking the vacant Montgomery County treasurer's position. Four individuals returned their applications before Friday's deadline for the. All applicants must live in DeKalb County. Officials said that attention will be paid to racial, geographic, gender and professional diversity among the candidates. More information about. The Defence Force is enjoying a surge in applicants. There's no clear link to COVID-19 but there have been a lot of people enlisting after losing jobs elsewhere. From July 1 this year to November.

For MBA applicants who seek a waiver, Ross will put more weight on undergraduate or graduate coursework, full-time work experience, and professional certifications to gain confidence in a candidate's academic proficiency and quantitative ability. Admission officials will look more carefully at the rigor of the individual courses taken and a student's grades in them. It is going to take. Similarly, 11 applicants have qualified for participation in RFP stage for cluster-2. Consortium of Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles, SA and CAF India Private Limited and CAF. Applicants to law school are up 32% thus far which admissions experts attribute to everything from the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the fact that would-be law students have more time on their hand Applicants must be registered voters and residents of the school district for at least one year prior to the date of appointment. Applicants or their spouses cannot be an employee of the district

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business published a notice on its website Friday stating that the admissions committee prefers that undergraduate applicants take prerequisite classes for a letter. Another word for applicants. Find more ways to say applicants, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus In case the applicant sends someone else on scheduled time, that person should carry an authority letter from the applicant. HEC Launches a Convenient Online System for Degree Attestation Any director or shareholder of one applicant company shall not be a director or shareholder in any other applicant company for Dth distribution service licence applicant translation in English-Arabic dictionary. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies

Applicants are often using online tools to search for jobs—and your listing will only be found if it contains the search terms most applicants would expect to see for that type of job. So, if your organization uses unique titles, for example, consider using the more general (read: recognizable and likely to be searched) title in the job post anyway so that it can be found in search results. Number of Applicants. Academic Year. Chart 1: Applicants, First-Time Applicants, and Repeat Applicants to U.S. Medical Schools, 1980 -1981 through 2020-2021. All Applicants. First-Time Applicants. Re-Applicants. The graph below displays the number of applicants, first -time applicants, and repeat applicants to U.S. medical schools from academic year 1980 -1981 through 2020- 2021. Source: AAMC.

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The applicants argue that the state's ongoing delay in awarding the licenses for marijuana is unfair and illegal. The Illinois Supreme Court declined to hear the case on an emergency basis, so. Applicant's will want to make sure that the fees being submitted match the applications being submitted. If the fees and applications don't balance, all forms and fees will be returned to the applicant for correction. This will delay the process for obtaining a license in Oregon. What are the best ways to prevent delays in getting licensed in Oregon? Answer: The best way to prevent delays is.

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At the screening stage, the role of the search committee is to evaluate applicant's qualifications and to subject them to intense scrutiny to determine which applicants are the most qualified for the position. Once applicants begin to apply for a position, the search committee members can begin reviewing the applicant pool to determine if the recruitment resulted in About mitigating circumstances for undergraduate applicants. We understand that sometimes students can underperform during their studies due to mitigating circumstances and therefore if your studies or exam performance have been significantly disrupted by circumstances beyond your control, you should complete and return the mitigating circumstances form

You are considered a prospective transfer applicant if you have completed your secondary education, have enrolled at a college or university other than Caltech, and have earned credit for courses. Students will not be admitted to transfer during or for their senior year of college/university. In addition, the Undergraduate Admissions Office does not handle requests for visiting or exchange. Information for applicants. If you apply for a full-time or part-time Master's or DPhil at Oxford by the relevant January deadline for your course, you will be automatically considered for a Clarendon scholarship. For further information on the deadlines for your chosen course, please see the relevant course page. Scholarship timeline. Find out how the allocation process and timeline works. Applicants of all races — but especially Black applicants — are more likely to be denied when they live in predominantly Black ZIP codes. Although Black home values have seen recent improvement, they are still 17.6% below the typical U.S. home. Black applicants are denied a mortgage at a rate 80% higher than that of white applicants, according to an analysis of the most-recent data from. For information for full-time applicants please see our dedicated page. Subject area. Clarendon supports scholars from across the University, with no restrictions on subject area. Other criteria. Candidates applying to start a new part-time Master's or DPhil course at Oxford are eligible. This includes students who are currently studying for a Master's degree at Oxford but who will be re. Out of State Applicants Information for individuals moving to Ohio who are already licensed as a counselor, social worker, or marriage and family therapist in another state. Featured Resource

Applicants to the programme will be assessed on the basis of high academic achievement, the fit of individual projects with the LNETN Profile, and an assessment of each candidate's potential and commitment to complete high-quality research. The consortium will also take into account principles of gender equality Freshman applicants must apply using the Common Application. Applicants may only submit one application to ONE major. Admitted students can request additional major/minor(s) during their first semester. Applications will only be reviewed after ALL components have been received, including transcripts, test scores, and supplemental materials Applicant Instructions APA On-Line Fellows Application Platform 10 To create a second application, click the Create New Application button on the home page. Contact Information Form On the contact information form, select the nominating division. The remaining fields will pre-populate with the information from your first application. Any changes made to the Address and Phone Number fields will. Applicants who have been admitted will also receive paper correspondence. We will send your admissions decision to the address you provided in your application; if you have provided a mailing address, we will send the decision there. If you have only included a permanent address, that is where your decision will be sent. We are unable to give decisions over the phone; it is your responsibility.

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applicants aged 19 or over fell, with the largest decline in the 21 - 25 age group ( - 7 per cent proportionally), leading to an overall decline in the number of applicants. + Mature students are more likely to apply later in the application cycle, with 44 per cent of students aged 21 and over applying after the January deadline in 2017, compared to just 3.3 per cent of 18 year olds. Parents and students often ask our Admissions Counselors how we evaluate homeschooled students. As with all our applicants from any educational background, we rely on context to evaluate and assess our students' applications; all applicants are evaluated within the context of their educational system and experience.Since this is true for homeschooled students as well as any other student, the. This topic discusses how to hire an applicant as an employee or a non-employee. Note: If you integrate PeopleSoft HCM and PeopleSoft Pay/Bill Management with your PeopleSoft Staffing Front Office application, employees are hired into your PeopleSoft HCM system. You can continue to access employees from PeopleSoft Staffing Front Office, but the system will direct you to PeopleSoft HCM when you. The lawsuit comes after a two-year investigation concluded Yale rejects scores of Asian American and white applicants each year based on their race

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Peters tells KNEB News the district ended with a good, solid mix of applicants. I can't share names, but there are a number of area candidates, there's a number of already in-place superintendents from other areas across Nebraska, and a couple of outside the state candidates, said Peters, so we have our work cut out for us. Staff with the Nebraska School Board Association is. Applicants should check the website of their nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate for updates on what services that post is currently able to offer. The I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancé(e) is typically valid for four months; however, consular officers may revalidate the I-129F petition in four month increments. For most cases impacted by the suspension of routine visa services or COVID-19 travel. job applicant privacy notice Carrier Global Corporation Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, Carrier ) are responsible for the privacy of its online job application and recruiting systems and any information that an individual may provide in the course of pursuing employment opportunities with Carrier Information for Applicants - OKP - version 1 (January 2019) 1/3 . Information for applicants Orange Knowledge Programme . Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) On 1 July 2017 the Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) entered a new phase as a new programme under the name Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP). OKP is initiated and fully funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Aim of OKP.

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Applicant and Reviewers: Check out the larger collection of application and review questions on the NIH Office of Extramural Research Web site. Thanks go to this office for contributing Q&As to make CSR's top 10 and 100 Q&A lists. Application and Grant Resources. NIH Office of Extramural Research Funding opportunities or application forms, instructions and policies visit the NIH Office of. Eligible applicants who are exempt from biometrics collection requirements irrespective of whether they are currently in Canada or overseas are those with both of the following: a pending or new application for permanent residence; previously submitted their biometrics within the 10-year period before the day on which they submitted their current permanent residence application ; About. Applicant Resources; Applicant Packet; Blog; Webinars; Advice from Ramsay: Technology. We want to see that you have developed a scalable solution that shows growth potential beyond your home market; Your technology should be validated by a third party - we don't take technology risk; Demonstrate that your technology is driven by market demands ; Advice from Sherrie: Team. We look for. Information for Applicants The following pages contain all the information you will need to apply for a doctorate (Ph.D.) at TUM. If you are interested in a Master's degree, please follow the link to the TUM Master's Programs website. Paths to a Doctorate. Application. Funding. Life in Munich. Advising. Family & Diversity . To top -TUM Graduate School Technical University of Munich. Mature applicants may be admitted upon successful completion of secondary-level courses in the prerequisite subjects for their intended program of study and must present a competitive admission average. Note: Applications from individuals who do not possess a Canadian secondary school diploma will be considered. Note: Admission is competitive. The specific average or standing required for.

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