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Content Grouping lets you group content into a logical structure that reflects how you think about your site or app, and then view and compare aggregated metrics by group name in addition to being.. What is Content Grouping? In the context of Google Analytics, a 'Content grouping' is a rule based grouping of related content groups. It is made up of one or more content groups. For example, if you sell clothes for both men and women on your website then all the web pages which sell men clothes can belong to 'Men' content grouping

Content Grouping bringt Ordnung in die Webanalyse mit Google Analytics. Man strukturiert damit seine Seiten in Inhaltskategorien und kann diese dann einfacher im Überblick analysieren und miteinander vergleichen. Für Shop-Websites können z.B. Produktseiten, Produktkategorien, SEA-Landingpages und allgemeine Shop-Infoseiten unterschieden werden In order to access the content grouping feature in analytics, go to your Google Analytics account admin tab. There, you'll notice Content Grouping under the View menu: There are three methods that a business can use to put content grouping to work: the Tracking Code method, the Extraction method and the Rules Method. In order to access these grouping options, click on Content.

Content Grouping wird verwendet, um die logische Struktur Ihrer Website in Google Analytics abzubilden. Content Grouping wird typischerweise eingesetzt, um Daten in verschiedenen Gruppen zu vergleichen und zu aggregieren. Mit Content Grouping können Sie das Hantieren mit unleserlichen URLs umgehen und auf einfache Weise aussagekräftige Datenanalysen erstellen und Teile Ihrer Website. Content Grouping in Google Analytics is used to reflect the logical structure of your site. It is typically used to compare and aggregate data within groups you create. It also helps in analysis of your data, as you do not have to deal with messy URL's, when you try and aggregate groups of data or compare sections of your website Content grouping is a great feature of Google Analytics (GA) that's been around for a while now. It allows you to group content into a logical structure so you can analyse your website's pages (or app) as part of your content marketing activity, without having to create advanced segments If you're using Google Tag Manager there is a special Content Groups menu in the standard Universal Analytics tag that you should use and the data will need to be sent by setting it up in the dataLayer before the trigger that fires your Google Analytics pageview tracking (usually that means placing it before the GTM container tag)

In Google Analytics there are three different ways to set up content groupings. First step is to navigate to the admin interface in Google Analytics and click on content groupings. Currently you can create up to five content groupings. Within each of those, there is no limit to the number of content groups you can define In theory, all you need to do is use the Universal Analytics set command to pass an index number (a number between 1 and 5 to identify your grouping) and your group name. The two portions you need to replace are shown below in [square brackets]. ga ('set', 'contentGroup [Index Number]', ' [Group Name]') Content grouping allows you to gather your content into common themes to create a more meaningful analysis of your data. For example, you can group your blog posts by the type of content that they represent. This grouping is helpful if you cover many topics on your website or sell many products

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  1. Content Grouping ist eines DER Mittel, wenn es darum geht zu beurteilen, welche Teile von Websites gut oder schlecht performen. Wie man Content-Gruppen einrichtet und was man dabei beachten sollte, gibt's in diesem Beitrag zu lesen. Die meisten Websites dieser Welt lassen sich intern in verschiedene Teilbereiche segmentieren
  2. Content Grouping allows you to have a brilliantly clean, lovely report that shows you the performance of your content by post category and even tags. Once you've set up content grouping you will be able to create a report like this: Instead of only being able to view individual pages like this: There are three ways to set up Content Grouping within Google Analytics, I'm going to show you.
  3. tab I created.
  4. Content Groupings are a new feature in Google Analytics that allow you to classify your pages into groups or categories. My colleague Alex recently wrote a great article about how to classify posts on a blog with groupings like day of the week, number of images, and so on using Content Grouping with Google Tag Manager
  5. Veröffentlicht von SEO-Küche 28.03.2014 Kategorie(n): Alle Beiträge, Allgemein, Google, OnPage Schlagwörter: Bilder, Content, Suchmaschinenoptimierung, Webanalyse 2 Kommentare. Wie angekündigt, kommt heute der zweite Teil über Content Grouping mit Analytics. Vielen Dank an meinen Kollegen Eugen Belz, der mir viel bei den Codes geholfen hat

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Analytics Content Grouping can be very useful to see how a range of products is doing in the market in a quick and intuitive way and also allows for some interesting insights that are hard to get to in any other ways. In the past I have relied on manual tagging of pages, but over time as new pages are added, this manual tagging drifts and the 'not set' category increases. As a way to. I set up content grouping via a tracking code placed directly on the templates of our blogs. They have been implemented for a full 30 days month now (Oct) and now reviewing performance I can see there is a big discrepancy between the data. The blog posts show a total of 966 page views for the month but under content grouping, that blog is only counted with 68 page views.Has anyone experienced.

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Zur Unterteilung dieser logischen Einheiten bietet Google Analytics seit einiger Zeit das sogenannte Content-Grouping. Es bietet Nutzern die Möglichkeit, einzelne Bestandteile der eigenen Website.. Alternativ die Einbindung eines Trackingcode basierten Content Groupings (s. unten). So funktioniert Content-Gruppierung. Es gibt drei Methoden, um eine Content-Gruppierung in Google Analytics einzurichten: 1. über den Tracking-Code, mit dessen Hilfe bestimmte Seiten einer oder mehreren Content-Gruppen hinzugefügt werden. 2. über eine sogenannte Extraktion, bei der mittels eines. Content Grouping is a feature in Google Analytics that lets you organize your pages into logical groups. Then you can view and compare metrics (e.g. Pageviews, Avg. Time on Page, Bounce Rate, etc.) aggregated by group. For example, if you have a site that sells different types of coffee, you can see which category of coffee (e.g. light roast, medium roast, dark roast) has the most pageviews.

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  1. menu and select Content Grouping, then New Content Grouping and name your Grouping. Now choose your configuration method. Enabling Grouping with a tracking code. Turn tracking code grouping On; Select an index.
  2. What Is Content Grouping in Google Analytics? Irrespective of whether you have a blog, lead-generating site, news site or ecommerce portal, Google Analytics shows the different metrics for every page URL that has received at least one page view. With Content Groupings, you can collect huge volumes of reliable data and structure it logically to conduct smart analysis. Content Grouping Example.
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